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Where do the fabrics of the bags and accessories come from?

The fabrics come from Italy and from countries around the world, and are the result of an ongoing research related to the travel experiences of the designer, Paola Peila. The resulting products are the outcome of a process of creation that uses quality materials, selected because of their quality and history.

The process is really craft? Who does what?

The production model is that of the workshop. Paola personally oversees the selection and cutting of the fabrics, the color scheme, the design and the combination of the shapes that make up the bag and each product. A small family-run workshop in Piedmont, makes the whole production.

Why the bags are one of a kind pieces?

Each bag is like the canvas of a painting, where instead of colors, fabrics, from the most diverse backgrounds, are combined in a unique way, making the creation one of a kind. The silk of India, the cloth woven by hand in Italy in the last century, the African cottons, cashmere of Biella, the Tartan, wool from Oregon with the designs of the native people: all these fabrics meet to create new cultural influences. Each bag is a story, a unique journey through the plot of fabrics of quality.

Who can I contact to get more information about this product?

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